Solstice Bells Ring For the Light

Next Step #237 – Decemeber 30, 2012

“The Christmas/Solstice Special” Finding the courage to celebrate Christmas after the Sandy Hook (Newtown) Shooting. Ringing the Bells of Etchmiadzin – the new Bethlehem: Fr. Vazken celebrates the Solstice and life after the end of the Mayan Calendar. Obama’s mention of Jesus comes after the silence of the clergy. A Christian response to evil and the challenge to walk In His Shoes as Christ did. The date of Christmas that is beyond the Jan 6/Dec 25 debate – in an answer given by St. Gregory the Illuminator.
Links to topics in today’s show:
In His
Karekin I on Etchmiadzin & Bethlehem
Fr. Vazken’s Sermon on Shooting
10 Girls Killed in Afghanistan
President Obama at Sandy Hook Interfaith Service
Today is the Solstice
Jethro Tull Christmas Album
Song: The Light by Gor Mkhitarian
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