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Spirit Body Warfare

Next Step #646: Spirit and body working in concert and living in harmony. Fasting: a tool for war. Spiritual awareness through fasting on this, the fourth week of the Artsakh war. The mystery of the missing fasting word – Mark 9:29.
MonaLisa Twins
Torkom Sarayadarian
Purple Tie Award
WD168 this week
Fast for Artsakh
Cover: Flower in Artsakh 2019 Fr. Vazken
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Digestive Time

Next Step #435: It takes time to digest, whether food or ideas, but eventually the body and mind is nurtured. The Bradley Effect in Politics (e.g., Trump or Brexit) and now, as Fr. Vazken connects it, in religion. Using reasoning and logic, and not checking the brain at the door at church. Connecting dots along the way.
Song: “Sari Aghtchik” by Djivan Gasparian
Next Step in Armenia at Domestic Violence Walk
Next Step Domestic Violence Rally in Armenia
AC101 #22 – On the mystical 7th letter of the alphabet
Fareed Zakaria on Political Takes
Bradley Effect
Violence Hurt/Love Conquers Icon
Adam Krikorian, Coach of the Games
Photo: “Chiluly Glass in Tempe” by Fr. Vazken (2013)
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