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Footprints at Calvary

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #723: Finding the missing step and the next step at the foot of the Cross and at the Empty Tomb. A look at some of the traditions that cheapen spiritual discovery. The amended Creed: passing blame and guilt for the Crucifixion? A special Easter reflection and edition of the Next Step.
St. Basil Liturgical Texts
Cheap Grace
Divine Liturgy CD
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Next Step #672: On the eve of the Armenian Genocide anniversary: Challenges to the necessity or nuisance side of remembrance. Genocide: The voices that matter. George Floyd murder trial. Keith Ellison on “Justice.” Order of events: Resurrection does not precede crucifixion. Abp. Jose Gomez’s voice. South American Armenians. Fr. Levon Apelian, passing noted.
George Floyd, “Language after Asphyxiation
Michael Arlen “Passage to Ararat
Abp Jose Gomez on Social Justice
Keith Ellison and comments on Floyd Murder verdict
WD168 for this week
Haig Yazdjian “Beast on the Moon
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Easter Respect and Living

Next Step #670: After Easter, how the message “Christ has risen” moves from idea and story to inspire us to action. Primal Scream: Where is my mother? The sacrifice of the grain. Crucifixion: if not for Christ’s sake, then for who? Ken Nalik tribute (NS 2008-2021) Vazgenian Seminarians at Lake Sevan.
Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson
Smoking Cessation through time
WD168 this week
Luys Vocal Quintet
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A Tear and a Smile

Next Step #462: The Easter Edition – A journey through Holy Week as only Fr. Vazken can provide. Music and metaphors taking you from the tear Jesus wept at Lazarus’ grave, through the Passion, Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Connecting the dots of our lives today with the events in Jerusalem circa 33.
Jesus wept; Voltaire smiled. From that divine tear and from that human smile is derived the grace of present civilization. -Victor Hugo
Religion & Philosophy – Hugo
John Barleycorn
Sky Pilot
Lazarus’ Resurrection
Songs: John Barleycorn Must Die (Traffic); Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones); Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon & the Animals); Let it Be (Beatles); Where is my Mother (Isabel Bayrakdarian); Kovya Yerousaghem (Hover); Imagine (Jack Johnson)
Alt-Easter Service
Cover Photo: “Moush Barleycorn” (c)2014vhm
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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Simons of our Crosses

Next Step #68 – September 23, 2009

Part 3 of 3 on the Holy Cross – Looking for help in carrying our crosses and realizing we are the only ones who can climb them in the end. Fr. Vazken uses the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion to guide this meditation about help – Simon – in our sufferings – and finding purpose in a life style that makes us each, Simons of Cyrene. Also: A follow up to an exorcism, becoming a story of faith. A bit about end time theology with a look to the future podcasts as well.
Bubbles – Ani does cow imitations in “That’s not my problem”
Song of the Day: “Saturday and Sunday” by the students of the Vazgenian Seminary at Lake Sevan.
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan.
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