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By the Book

Next Step #567: Great Thursday Special. Fr. Vazken shares his meditation on “Darkness” (from the service of the same name during Holy Week). No need to complicate matters: the book is available and ready to follow. Easter Week Special.
Lusine Zakarian – from St. Etchmiadzin
Notre Dame Glowing Cross
Next Step #252 – Story of the Hawk
Next Step #043 – Holy Week
Horizon TV “Tonight” with Mike Sarian
Cover: Tintoretto – Magdalena Penitent (Musei Capitolini, Roma, 1598-1602)
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The Better Candle

Next Step #274: Lighting a candle is much better than cursing the darkness. Fr. Vazken looks at two darknesses – cancer (breast) and war (Syria) in this light. He follows the light from Jesus to us, and our responsibility to be beacons of peace and love. Rev. Martin Luther King’s stand on Vietnam is used as inspiration for today.
Song: Peaceful World by Lara Derbedrosian
Compass – Anti War (#39)
Team In Her Shoes
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