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Spiritual Coaster

Next Step #760: Solutions: Write a letter? Or move mountains? Take your pick of the solution and the means. Time to get a life and take on responsibility for life. Opting for spiritual power and choice at the end of the year. Archbishop Vatché Hovsepian, laid to rest: the funeral and burial.
Leveraging Love
The Parable of Archbishop Vatche – Next Step #759
Ian Anderson: A Week of Moments www.jethrotull.com
Cover Roller Coaster: Envato Elements
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McKenzie and the Lonely People

Next Step #660: Fr. McKenzie wipes his hands at the grave and who was saved? A look at funeral, death and ultimately life. Nothing morbid about this discussion, it’s about a healthy look (yes with tears!) at death. Sending the soul back to its maker with prayers and reflections – it’s an Armodox approach. No touching during the pandemic: And now the Lonely People. Entitlement and Salvation. Challenger Disaster, 35 years ago. The gen-gen generation.
Challenger Disaster: 35 year ago
Ronald Reagan on the Challenger Disaster
No Death at this Funeral: Next Step #98
WD168 at Year 1
Fr Vazken/Divine Liturgy this week
John Bilezikjian “Zepuri Nman”
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Advent Preparedness

Next Step #548: Preparedness for the Advent Season. Finding the Christ-wants in Scriptures (Luke 14) and the “vehance” factor. Expressing good on the unpleasant: Words that put Hallmark to shame. Celebrations and Funerals: More reflections in post-funeral days. Anecdote on Bishop Asoghig Ghazarian of Iraq.
Good King Wenceslas by Loreena McKennitt
Eulogy for Mamajan
Anne Movsesian Memorial Video
Next Step #547 “Stingless
Luke 14
Remarks at George H.W. Bush Funeral
California Driving #50
Cover: Bird of Paradise Flowering, Fr. Vazken 2018
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