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Between the Rocks: Peace Today

Next Step #593: Syria attacked by Turkey. Fr Vazken gives the IHS response – overcoming evil and our obligation to peace, as Christians and Armenians who have been on the receiving end of the Turkish sword. Includes a prayer for peace. Connecting dots from the weekend: Holy Translators, the widow’s offering and our voice for peace.
Junior Choir of St Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Church
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Beyond Vietnam, A time to break silence
Next Step #8a – 08/08/08
In His Shoes Mission
Cover: Jermuk hike, 2019 Fr. Vazken
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Dots of Translation

Next Step #541: What connects events, people, numbers and us? The Holy Translators – their relationship with one another and with us. Beyond language: order from chaos. Shnorhali’s secret codes. Q&A from the Seventh Day Adventist Program on the New World: Metaphysics, Freewill and Determinism, Robotic love, the Sabbath and the celebration of the Resurrection. Dots connecting to one another.
Aravod Looso by Lusine Zakarian
Holy Translators
Narekatsi Book of Prayers (electronic)
Narekatsi Book of Prayers (physical)
A New World: Abrahamic Faiths’ Hope for Salvation
A New World: Fr. Vazken’s Presentation (at minute 31)
Q&A with Fr. Vazken
Mer Hooys – House of Hope
Neil Degrass Tyson “The Illusion of Free Will
Cover: Connecting at Geghart 2014
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New Media to Domestic Violence

Next Step #123 – October 14, 2010

On the eve of the New Media Expo, the Epostle.net staff steps in the shoes of the Holy Translators and looks for the means to simplify the complex. Tigran translates the Nicene Creed to American Sign . Domestic Violence is brought to forum with the tragic story of Zaruhi. Sign the petition to bring legislation in Armenia and DO something more. Fr. Vazken outlines a plan for a women’s shelter where safety and spirituality are both priorities. The nonsense of the church doilies and the absurdity of women subjecting to men. We’re off to New Media Expo.
Human Rights Now – Armenia’s Domestic Violence Legislation is Overdue
Petition for Armenia to Pass Domestic Violence Legislation: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/armenia-must-pass-domestic-abuse-law/
Song: “Magdalene Laundries” by Joni Mitchell
Ani’s Bubbles: Mother Teresa on the poor feeding the poor
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Magdalen Laundry in England – Early 20th Century