Dots of Translation

Next Step #541: What connects events, people, numbers and us? The Holy Translators – their relationship with one another and with us. Beyond language: order from chaos. Shnorhali’s secret codes. Q&A from the Seventh Day Adventist Program on the New World: Metaphysics, Freewill and Determinism, Robotic love, the Sabbath and the celebration of the Resurrection. Dots connecting to one another.
Aravod Looso by Lusine Zakarian
Holy Translators
Narekatsi Book of Prayers (electronic)
Narekatsi Book of Prayers (physical)
A New World: Abrahamic Faiths’ Hope for Salvation
A New World: Fr. Vazken’s Presentation (at minute 31)
Q&A with Fr. Vazken
Mer Hooys – House of Hope
Neil Degrass Tyson “The Illusion of Free Will
Cover: Connecting at Geghart 2014
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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