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Appealing to Faith: Salvation & Empowerment

Next Step #540: International Day of the Girl (UN) sets the background for talk about empowerment, women and some of the
misrepresentations in church life. Mer Hooys: education on the road to empowerment. Abrahamic Traditions – the Faith and
the expression of an Imam on Jesus and Mary. A bit more on Aznavour. St. Francis and the blessing of animals
Mass for the Youth, Lusinyan and Nor Dzaghig
A New World: Abrahamic Faiths’ Hope for Salvation
A New World: This week’s presentation
The Imam’s Talk (and where to find the stream this week)
International Day of the Girl
Mer Hooys – House of Hope
Michelle Obama Global Alliance for Education
Dr. Hratch Tchilingirian on Female Deacons in the Armenian Church
Thriving Life Club
St. Francis of Assisi
Librarian’s Day in Armenia
Locomotive Breath (live)
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