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Nektarios-God within

Armodoxy for Today: Inside and Out

St. Nektarios, venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition, directs us to “Seek God in your heart, not outside of it.”

The world is a big place. From mountain tops to ocean floors, the vastness can be overwhelming. In our attempts to engage with life and our passions, we may fall victim to that vastness, preventing us from fully exploring all that life has to offer.

God is the author of all. Seeking God within, that is, in the heart, is the starting point of all exploration because you are assured of being equipped with the necessary tools to appreciate the deepest and highest points of life.

Jesus says, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

Today’s one minute for standard time.

Packaging & the Product

Next Step 308 – May1, 2014

Thoughts from Las Vegas, Nevada and the Diocesan Assembly. Packaging the “Product” of the Church – how the Kingdom of God is marketed with consideration to truth in advertising. Quality Assurance by checking our mission as a church. Institution, Product, Infrastructure – all examined from this desert resort.
Song: “What the World Needs Now” by Dionne Warwick
Fr. Vazken’s Sermons
Gospel of St. John, chapter 1
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Wine, Bubble Gum and Vuvuzela!

Next Step #106 – June 17, 2010

Year 3 of the Next Step is kicked off with a discussion of the Jesus’ pearl metaphor.  Armodoxy is a break from Bubble Gum religion – once you find the Kingdom of God, it doesn’t lose its flavor, nor can you spit it out. Drinking sweet wine is OK, but a Merlot is a more realistic flavor of life. Jesus instructs to live by a standard of “mercy, not sacrifice” (Matthew 12) it’s so hard when distracted by vuvuzelas and Steve Jobs’ technology for yesterday.
A lesson from the “Man from Ick
Song: “Victory” by Gor Mkhirtaryan Purchase SPIRIT Album
Ani’s Bubbles: Graduation Blessing http://scrubsmag.com/author/aniburr/
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