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Bubble Wrap

Next Step #465: The Message of the Cross is not an easy one, but a necessary message to follow. In an interview with Dr. Yvette Hovsepian Bearce, she passionately talks about unity, vision and escaping comfort levels to follow Christ and the Gospel. Genocide commemoration as metaphors for the larger issues of refugees and care. The Koranic Jesus, learning from the past to define the future and more. A bit from the National Day of Prayer in Los Angeles.
Song: Datevik from Ballads from the Black Sea
Dr. Yvette Hovsepian Bearce
National Day of Prayer “I am America” Song
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Days of Solidarity Stream
Cover: “Chihuly peaks in Seattle” by Fr. Vazken 2016
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Conversation beyond Politics

Next Step #100 – May 6, 2010

Making Prayer a continuous conversation with God (and why the National Day of Prayer might hinder that process). Secrets revealed: Picking the right Lotto numbers and making peace without war. What kind of Priest would Jesus ordain? Church dynamics: The Old Boys Club is an Armenian one at that. Why invite an atheist to church?
Song: “Sareh Siroon Yar” by Zulal;
Ani’s Bubbles: A prayer by Bernard of Clairvaux;
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