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Armodoxy for Today

Not only do elections take place every day, but several elections also take place within a day of our life. Presidents, congresspersons and mayors get the title of “elected” official, but our election process, that is, the choices we make, extends far beyond the political circuit. We choose friends to hang with, schools to attend, neighborhoods to lives, theaters where we are entertains, physicians to tend to our sick and meals to fill our tummies. The election process – whether for elected official or for the book that will be by our side for the next week or two – that process is an expression of our freedom. To be free means having the ability to choose and to choose otherwise.

Armenians have suffered the loss of freedom to different would-be conquerors. Even in the harshest of conditions, they did not give up the right to choose and chose the path of God. From the time of Vartan in the 5th century, to atrocities witnessed under Ottoman rule, to the atheism of the 20th century Soviet Union, the choice for God through the power of Christ was the motto of the Armenian Orthodox Church. Armodoxy develops in this world of contradictions, amidst the most oppressive conditions, the election of Christ Centeredness is the power to which Armodoxy attests. It is a simple election for life, for the goal of “Peace on Earth, and goodwill toward all.” (Luke 2:14)

From the Book of Hours, the Zhamakirk, of the Armenian Church we pray, “We bless you, Almighty Lord, for always accompanying those who call to You with faithful and righteous hearts. We beseech You, O Lord, to lead and guide Your servants on this journey so that we may be reunited with our loved ones in peace. For You belong the power and glory, forever and ever. Amen.