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Another Christmas Song

Next Step #133 – December 23, 2010

The eve of Christmas Eve is a look beyond the astronomic. How to say “Peace on Earth; Good Will to Humankind” with Genocide in Darfur, war in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Korea nuclear saber-rattling. Try the obvious this Christmas: Including Christ and Christmas in the Peace Equation. You have faith, but do you believe: the difference between faith and belief. The Solstice and eclipse have passed and we’re left with a view of Christmas through the lens of Armodoxy; Story: Parik’s Miracle Baby is the Christmas miracle.
Song: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by JS Bach, performed by Angel Romero;
Ani’s Bubbles: “Christmas Bubble Maker”;
“Another Christmas Song” by Jethro Tull http://www.j-tull.com/news/christmasalbum.cfm;
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Clarity to See Responsibility

Next Step #78 – December 3, 2009

A look at Jesus’ answer to Evil in the Gospel of Luke 13 as an instruction to shift emphasis from others to ourselves and accept responsibility for our lives. Advent Sunday #2 – is a step closer to introducing meaning to the Christmas season and the value of finding a lasting “Peace on Earth.” It’s got to be more than a Christmas card greeting! Celebs that make it into the cast: Tiger Woods, the Salahis, Fred Claus and much mush (sic) more.
Song of the Day: About Light by Gor Mkhitarian
Bubbles by Ani: A Modern Thanksgiving Prayer
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