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Next Step #645: Identity in crisis during a crisis: How to cope with the horrors of war and move from hopelessness to hopefulness. Tackling the big questions of purpose by finding definition in work and identity. At the foot of the bed: cancer patients and the war. Power and knowledge beyond human capabilities? Moving from ‘or’ to ‘and’ in placing faith with science. Mesrop Mashtots in Artsakh and the 1903 Encyclopedia Britannica. All this and politics too.
Nairyan Vocal Ensemble
Nairyan Vocal Ensemble YouTube Channel
WD168 going viral
Priests going to war
Christianity Today on the War
Purple Tie Awards
Cover Photo: Ruins near Abovyan, 2014 Fr. Vazken
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The Superhero Dilemma: Finding Strength in the Alter Ego

Next Step #352:  The myth of the Superhero – their powers, vulnerabilities and alter egos. Fr. Vazken looks at the Superman myth during this Lenten Season in relation to our lives. Can Clark Kent provide a remedy for stress. Also the “No” prescription and the QWERTY keyboard explained (Clark Kent at his best).
Song: Five for Fighting – Superman (It’s Not Easy)
Adventures of Superman (1950’s series)
Lenten Journey into the Divine Liturgy
100 Year Journey

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