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Coffee after midnight

Next Step #452: When a priest goes overboard and needs to be shut down… Censorship and what are you trying to achieve with Facebook? Groundhog Edition, Presentation/Purification Day. Reflections on a personal loss: Laura – bookmarking for the future. Issues of Free Speech,  Strategies for today: Social media & Capitalism; The Bible-standard & The Jesus Model; Investments in the Self and Eternity & the Budweiser Models. Trump and immigration stats. “A night with a bear.” Superbowl, armchair quarterbacking and the Church.
At Last, Forever by Jethro Tull  www.jethrotull.com
Tina Turner
Groundhog Day 2017
Groundhog Day Movie
1984 by George Orwell, again
Presentation of Christ (Purification)
Fareed Zakaria this week
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Photo: “Morning Perk Will Not be the Same” Fr. Vazken (2017)
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Midwinter Blues Turn Fun

Next Step #87 – February 4, 2010

Special numerical calculations for 2010 – 40 days twixt Christmas and Groundhogs, gives way to the Purification period. 40 days twixt Presentation and the End of Lent – doesn’t happen, but once in a lifetime. Drop the embarrassment from Christian and Christian pastors this is about a LIVING Christ and his REVOLUTION. Follow up on the “Khrimian and Obama” lecture topped off with Superbowl wishes for a Super Sunday.
Song: George Harrison’s “The Inner Light” by Jeff Lynne (Concert for George);
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