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The Missed Sunset

The Missed Sunset
Next Step #770 – March 16, 2023 – Going down the AI rabbit hole with Fr. Vazken. Where AI can take us.  Creating reality and implication for Truth and truth discovery. From a 1K Timex to information harvesting, from Pilate to the searcher: Truth. How Christianity is distorted by Bible text banging. Bible Study was never like this…
Zulal – By the Shepherd’s Clock
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Cellophane Reality

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #715: A check on reality- altered, augmented, synthesized or processed, from radio to ntf’s to the latest Webb telescope images. The groundwork for understanding: religion, belief and disbelief. The endless cycle of war and stepping out of the game via Armodoxy.
Does s/he exist?
Webb telescope
Monster galaxy discovered
Sarky Mouradian/Armenian Classic TV
Moog synthesizer
Wendy Carlos, Switched on Bach
Cover: Cellophane Reality, Fr. Vazken 2022
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Belief Touched and Untouched

Next Step #642: Eschatological parameters, manipulating the stories and testing religious myth against the backdrop of world events. A quick look at that reality through the last six decades and how the Good Samaritan got lost along with globalization while dialogues phased into monologues. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the prophet metaphor. Hatred and intolerance: Arsonists at the Armenian Center and self worth. XM Radio deciding what’s religious and what’s entertainment. A simple disclaimer: “I believe”
Mask, Pieces for Piano by Aret Madilian
Armenian Center: Arson and Hate Crime
Go Fund Me page for SF Armenian Center
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, remembrance
Demographics of the Supreme Court
Globalization and the Armenian Church
Nicene Creed
XM Satelite line-up
Cover: Stations, Fr. Vazken 2020
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Depth of Spirit

Next Step #415: When a daughter brings her father’s treasures to Fr. Vazken, it sets the backdrop for three dimensional conversation. Pentecost is the coming of the Holy Spirit which adds depth to the flatness of two dimensional reality making the Church active. The obligation to speak out with the voice.
Sts Sahag Mesrob Children’s Choir & St. Mary Narek Bell Choir
Gor Mkhitarian “Passport” Debut
Dekmejian Speech
Photo: Depth of Spirit by Fr. Vazken (2011)
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Potential to Reality: Ascension to Pentecost

Next Step #51 – May 27, 2009

Caught between the 40th and 50th days after Easter, a look at dreams turning into life. What is life without dreams? When hope is gone, can there even be a glimmer of life? This next step examines the tragedy of children being tried as adults. Community, or CHURCH, becomes a means to maximizing our potention to love.
Poet William Archila reads from the “Art of Exile”
Song: “Vijag” by Zulal

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