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Next Step #667: Setting a new pillar of Armodoxy, this, in the light of the Second Coming. The Gospel by the four evangelists, according to Jesus and according to Paul: Spin the spotlight and take a look beyond the rhetoric. An understanding that moves Jesus from the temporal to the universal – why Matrilineality 2000 years ago. Get ready to be challenged and see the Kingdom as expressed by Jesus Christ. Judas was replaced by Matthias, Paul’s Conversion, Handmaid’s Tale, the Middle East and Christology without ethnicity.
Matrilineality in Judaism
Burbank Business
Feast of St. Gregory of Narek at the Vatican
Irish Heartbeat Chieftains & Van Morrison
Lenten Journey
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Two Types of Knees


Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer during COVID-19 Pandemic

Next Step #617 – April 2, 2020 – A sobering look at the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of Armodoxy. Fr. Vazken dissects and provides common misconceptions about faith issue: Serenity, Courage and Patience in today’s reality. The 120nM/2mm comparison. End of Lent in a sci-fi horror show. This is an up-close and personal episode.
When I’m 64 
MonaLisa Twins 
Western Diocese FB Page for Streams 
WD168 4/1/2020 
Circle of Faith – Prayer & Fast Message
Cover: Brazil’s Christ the Savior during Coronavirus pandemic
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Body and Soul in the Covid Pit


Body and Soul in the Covid Pit
Next Step #616 – Is the pandemic threatening more than the physical? On Spiritual protection during the Coronavirus pandemic. Adapting to the New Normal: Will the numbers guide the Virtual Church. Away with Fear: The World is NOT ending. Beyond childhood stories: putting fear aside and understanding the God of compassion. Making historical facts relevant today: The Covid Pit.
No Blues
Prayers for Hope from Etchmiadzin 
Priest Casualties in Italy 
Pope and Confession 
Harry Hagopian Arm Wrestling with God 
To Watch: Divine Liturgy THIS week
Roosevelt’s Fear “Fear”
WD168 This Week
First Week of Divine Liturgy in Isolation 
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Menu for the Second Coming

Next Step #93: A very “Meaty” podcast for the Lenten Season. Exploring the Second Coming of Christ – the Armodoxy way! A clip from the televangelist’s infomercial will make you believe you’ve tuned in to Saturday Night Live. But don’t despair – there is hope on the horizon – not for $39.95, not even for two payments of $19.95. More on Women in the Church as a listener shares her frustration and Fr. Vazken calls for a serious look at participation in the Armenian Church.
Janine’s Blog: http://dailyexegesis.blogspot.com
Conference on Women: http://bellarmine.lmu.edu/ecumenical/hes2010.htm
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Bubbles by Ani: “Jesus’ visit”;
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