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When did we blow it?

Next Step #406: Meditations at Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion and on St. Patrick’s day begs the question: When did we lose sight of the goals? Justifying without checks and balances and legitimizing absurd decisions and expenses in the Church. Blow ups: Easter eggs and peeps. The poor and the suffering in the shadows of the church today: do they differ from those in Jesus’ shadow 2000 years ago? The impossibility of internal evaluation in the Church with the risk of damaging institutional-preservation. This is a pre-Holy week meditation for the Church and each individual believer.
Unicorn by Irish Rovers
Lark Musical Society
Jesus Anointed at Bethany
Police Car chase ends in Glendale
St. Patrick story from Christopher Nyerges
Photo: Easter Sunrise Service at Hollywood Bowl, 2003 by Fr. Vazken
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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Blue Prints in Toronto

Next Step #145 – March 17, 2011

This St. Patrick’s Day, join us for some Armenian Scotch. Coming from Japan: earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, the worst is fear. Jesus’ words: “Do Not Fear” is a call during these anxiety filled times. Superman and God: who could have stopped the tsunami in Japan? Guest Maida Icliates, chairperson for Armenian Family Support Services is interviewed and she offers a blue print for social services through the Church. Faith meets action in this wonderful story of a community coming together to help those in need.
Armenian Family Support Services: http://www.afsstoronto.ca/
Song: “Willie Brew’d A Peek O’Maut” by Bambir – album “Armenian Scotch” http://www.myspace.com/bambir
Ani’s Bubbles: St. Patrick’s Story
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Fr. Vazken, Maida Icliates, Natasha and Suzie

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