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Birthing Vision

Next Step #755 – November 24, 2022 – From Thanksgiving to the beginning of Advent, more than just a calendar season, here is a primer on a new look at an ancient subject. Death before Birth: The importance of preparedness for life events and spiritual awakening. Up close and personal: Reflections on the iAct vision of Gabriel Stauring & Katie Jay Scott, one year after their passing. Picking up the “Cross” as a metaphor to keep the vision alive and working.
Cover: “Pregnancy & Generation,” Envato Elements
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Next Step with Fr. Vazken #703: Mourning the loss of Gabriel & Katie-Jay Stauring, on this Thanksgiving Day. Personal reflections from Fr. Vazken about the life and legacy of two peacemakers who saw God. What if someone cared in 1915? The answer as is found in the work of Gabriel & Katie-Jay. Thanksgiving for the very special life that touched the world.
iACT Tweet on the passing of Gabriel & Katie-Jay
iACT Refugee Led Solutions
What if someone cared? 2008 Gabriel IHS honor
2015 – 20 Trips Later
2021 – iACT in Armenia
2021 – Interview with Gabriel & Katie-Jay
IHS Greetings of Hope
Joan Baez – Gracias A La Vida
Cover photo: Gabriel & Katie-Jay Stauring in Artsakh
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for InHisShoes.org
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