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Motherhood & Apple Pie in July

Next Step #631: If the blind can find their sight, the bereaved can find their dead. Themes of freedom and independence are in focus for this audio blog. The Art of Connecting the Dots. Exploring the 4th dimension even further – where are dead in Christ in space-time? Raw thoughts after waking up this day.
Louis Armstrong La Vie En Rose 
Next Step #630 – The Forgotten Fourth Dimension
In His Shoes a Ministry of the Western Diocese
New formula for dog years 
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Armodoxy: You Say You Want a Revolution?

Next Step #121 – September 30, 2010

Defining the self within the structure of Armenian Orthodoxy as children of the 21st Century. “Validating” the new generation of Armodoxy as the last link in a chain, beginning with Time, with the center Golden Link Christ and an open end for what’s to come. A tribute to John Lennon as his 70th birthday approaches- the Revolution of the Sixties and WWJS: What would Jesus sing? Avoiding the pitfalls of traditionalism by not giving too much credibility to past at the cost of discounting the present.
Globalization and the Armenian Church http://www.vimeo.com/15291175
Song: “11 11” by Rodrigo y Gabriela  http://www.rodgab.com/
Ani’s Bubbles: The Golden House http://scrubsmag.com/nursing-theories-love-em-or-leave-em/
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