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Goal Oriented Imperfection

Next Step #245 – February 14, 2013

Using symbols and myths to explain the mysteries in life gets a bit confusing when Armenian churches light some bonfires in the back yard. Mid Winter. Purification, Presentation, Valentine’s and Adam & Eve all come together for today’s show. The Pope’s resignation begs the question of running the Perfect Body of Christ with imperfect people. Stripping away the imperfections and finding the bulls-eye in the middle of our faith. “There’s something beautiful in the Armenian Church but…” was the general consensus last week, and this week there’s more. The Curtain in the Armenian Church – and how we have become the curtain -the reason for separation from paradise. In New Mexico – figuring out the Catholic Church and in Paradise figuring out Adam & Eve’s identity. It’s about time the Armenian alphabet adds a “th” and “w” sound. All in this week’s edition.
Anush’s Pomegranate Seed: “Amazing Love
Song: Schubert – Grammy Award Winning artist Kim Kashkashian
Kim Kashkashian Grammy Award
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