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Battlefield Prayer

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #722: A prayer from the battlefield, timeless as Armodoxy itself, “Shnorya Mez.” 1700 years in the Sequoias and Armenia. Lessons from two youth events, at school and church. Another look at the “Older Brother,” squandering and rewards. Pope in Malta: Peace generates prosperity, war only poverty.
Pope Francis in Malta
Prayers from the Peace Hour
Prodigal Son
Collective Prayers for Peace
Armenian Public Radio
Cover: Sequoias 2022 Fr. Vazken
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Processing the Poconos

Next Step #530: Following through on an order: Fr. Vazken recounts an “order” that was given to him a quarter-of-a-century ago (Cupertino) and the blessing found among Oriental Orthodox Christians gathered in the Poconos. The Gospel of Suffering & the Cross. Articulating goodness & blessings with our greetings and embraces. The sound of the Youth of Orthodoxy.
Malankara Orthodox Church
Youth & Family Conference Schedule
Press Release on Conference
Fr. Vazken’s Blog on the Conference
Larry Tart’s Page
Freedom through Vigilance by Larry Tart
Grape Blessing Instruction
Grape Blessing – AC101
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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Millennials and the/are the Youth

Next Step #263 – June 20, 2013

The perennial question and concern for the youth is explored in view of the Millennials, technology and human search for meaning. Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant look for youth outside of the reality of life, and of course, will never find it outside. Youth are closer than we may realize – just need to look in the right place. Take a Next Step in this direction.
Anush’s “Inside the Pomegranate” Blog launches in a new format as an audio blog. The premiere episode is included in today’s Next Step.
Song: Nina Simone “Ain’t Got No; I Got Life
Inside the Pomegranate: Remembering Dad
Time Magazine, “The Me Me Me Generation
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The Crystal Within

Next Step #197 – March 15, 2012

An interview with Linda Maxwell, co-founder of We Care for Youth and from Bliss Unlimited. Linda has spent her life inspiring and motivating people, primarily young people, in a path of responsibility and action, all motivated by her deep seated belief and faith in the good. Listen in on this conversation about meaning and purpose, as Linda discusses her recent retreat in India as well as her life and her work. This is a coffee-break within a coffee-break.
Part 1 of this Conversation – Next Step #168 
Song: “Distant Lands” by Armen Chakmakian
We Care for Youth: http://www.wecareforyouth.org/
Bliss Unlimited
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Caring for Youth: Getting Real

Next Step #168 – August 25, 2011

Interview with Linda Maxwell, co-founder of We Care for Youth and facilitator for In His Shoes Ministries. Caring for youth is a calling for Linda Maxwell. She does so with love, care and compassion. Here she discusses her work with kids, and the power of the spirit in bringing about change. She discusses her latest project  – a Day of Remembrance on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. The “Raul Aguirre Story,” – a young man slain on the streets of Glendale and the power of forgiveness in the healing progress (see – http://7×77.org)  Candid discussion about the spiritual dimension of youth care – a must-hear for anyone concerned or working with youth. Also – reflections on news of Steve Jobs leaving Apple Computer; Earthquakes and Hurricanes – take it easy! Newsweek says NO – what about you? Promo for “Compass” – coming this Fall on Epostle.net
Song: John Bilezikjian “Sevani Tzugnors Bar”
Ani’s Bubbles “A Prayer for Children”
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Working the Streets with Love

Next Step #109 – July 8, 2010

Ara Arzumanian of Generation Next is our guest.  He discusses his article “Lost Kids of Armenian America”. Working with young people on the streets of Glendale, Ara gives a unique perspective of a growing problem, including drugs, sexual promiscuity, theft, gangs, and violence. A small glimpse at the kids and one man’s crusade to educate and mentor. Empty egos, identity and self-knowledge are all part of the discussion along with an added bonus: a primer on V-techs and Armos and the White washed.
Song: “Hayr Mer” by Samvel Gregoryan http://armeniansound.net/samvel-grigoryan-hayr-mer
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Ara Arzumanian and Fr. Vazken Movsesian disussing life on the streets of Glendale.

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