Caring for Youth: Getting Real

Next Step #168 – August 25, 2011

Interview with Linda Maxwell, co-founder of We Care for Youth and facilitator for In His Shoes Ministries. Caring for youth is a calling for Linda Maxwell. She does so with love, care and compassion. Here she discusses her work with kids, and the power of the spirit in bringing about change. She discusses her latest project  – a Day of Remembrance on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. The “Raul Aguirre Story,” – a young man slain on the streets of Glendale and the power of forgiveness in the healing progress (see – http://7×  Candid discussion about the spiritual dimension of youth care – a must-hear for anyone concerned or working with youth. Also – reflections on news of Steve Jobs leaving Apple Computer; Earthquakes and Hurricanes – take it easy! Newsweek says NO – what about you? Promo for “Compass” – coming this Fall on
Song: John Bilezikjian “Sevani Tzugnors Bar”
Ani’s Bubbles “A Prayer for Children”
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