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Coinciding Scriptures

Next Step #750: When scripture coincides with life events of a priest, a signal is sent to focus on the mission of Christ, the Church and the minister of the Gospel. A look at Luke 4:16-22: The mystery of importance and centrality for life. What about the “brokenhearted,” why are they overlooked, or just a clerical error? Favorite vs. Importance.
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On the “Closed Curtain” – Bp. Daniel Findikian
Occam’s Razor
Richard Hagopian
Best of Armenian Folk Music
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Bishop Daniel Interview

Next Step #749: “We are sitting on a treasure” says Bishop Daniel Findikyan, and admits that the value of that treasure is “inconceivable.” Listen in on this interview that goes beyond administrative issues and talks about Faith, Christ, God, and our spiritual life. Discuss: Truth through Jesus, the Prosperity Gospel, Old and New Testaments and Bible in the light, the gender of God, translating beyond language, and much more.
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Bishop Daniel at St. Leon Cathedral (10/9/22)
The Next Step Interview with Bp. Daniel (2018)
Holy Spirit Building the Church
Cover Photo: Vahe Sargsyan at the 40th anniversary
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Surgeon from Yerevan. Dr. Ani Babayan, IHS guest

Dr. Ani Babayan
Educating the next generation is a common thread running through all the programs and projects organized by the In His Shoes ministry. As part of our “Empowerment & Progress for Women” project, Dr. Ani Babayan, as an up-and-coming surgeon in Armenia, was the recipient of our 2021 scholarship for continuing education courses in Moscow. This year, we are pleased to support Dr. Babayan with her continuing education pursuits by attending the American Hernia Society’s (AHS) Annual Meeting and Surgical Skills Lab in Charlotte North Carolina. Dr. Babayan received an official invite to the AHS Conference by the chairperson, Dr. Yuri Novitsky, M.D. There she will meet and engage with surgical colleagues.

Yerevan State Medical University of Armenia has 16 general surgery faculty members, of which only one is female. Dr. Ani Babayan, as the only woman surgeon, has a pivotal role to play in both the education of young medical students and as an example of gender equality within and beyond the University walls. Dr. Babayan completed medical school in 2018 and has since spent her professional career honing and expanding her surgical skills while lecturing to medical students on topics such as hernias, gallbladder disease, general surgical techniques, and surgical colon diseases.

Following the conference, she will be in Los Angeles for surgical observations/education by leading hernia surgery experts. Watch for her interviews in the coming weeks.

Watch Dr. Babayan’s lecture at the AHS

On Sunday, September 11, she attended the Holy Divine Liturgy at the St. Leon Ghevondyants Armenian Cathedral and participated in the 95th anniversary celebration of the Western Diocese following services. Pictured with Fr. Vazken and Yn. Susan Movsesian on behalf of In His Shoes.


Infinity and Eternity in the Highlands

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #731: A conversation with Dr. Marina Mchitarian-Lazaridou, Ph.D., A scientist with artistic interests, who opens the door and mind for a conversation on peace. An international traveler and scholar who gives language to photographs that tell a story of a people, a history, a philosophy and a way of life. In this interview, Dr. Mkhitaryan talks about her own spiritual journey through science, physics, her baptism and her expressions. The fifth dimension / “the Divine dimension”: A dialogue with God. Home and identity. “Peace building” – more than an absence of war.
Links to Marina Mchitarian-Lazaridou, Ph.D.

Serj Tankian “Amber” (Clouds) Rolling Stones
Cover: Train of the mines of Akhtala, Armenia
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Empath’s Christmas

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #705: Interview with Alina Samuelian of FLY – Freedom Loving Youth, after her recent outreach in Gyumri. Hear this energetic empath give her first-hand account of life and living conditions in areas of the world hit by tragedy. From Syria to Lebanon to Armenia, FLY reaches out to those in need. Here’s their story articulated by a front-line worker. All this, in the context of Jesus and the “Great Banquet”
Christian Giving, Luke 14:12-24
Freedom Loving Youth
Armenian Earthquake 30 years later
2021 Toy Drive
Children’s Memorial
Peacemakers – Gabriel & Katie Jay
Earlier interview in Armenian
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Cover: In Gyumri FLY meets with mother and son

Connecting with FLY
Facebook: Freedom Loving Youth-FLY
Instagram: freedom.loving.youth
Venmo account: @fly-freedomlovingyouth
Firewood Fundraiser

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iACTivism in Armenia

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #695: Interview with iACT Founder and Chief of Vision Gabriel Stauring and iACT Executive Director Katie-Jay Stauring, about their work with refugees, displaced individuals, war, Genocide and an approach to healing. The War in Artsakh, one year later, thoughts for spiritual Q&A.
iACT news: Facebook page
iACT website: www.iact.ngo
“King of Glory” Q&A one year after the war 
iACT – Mindfulness and Soccer in Armenia 
Interview video: https://youtu.be/BKs47NLYopU
Greetings of Hope: Armenians to Darfuris
In His Shoes Mission
Arpi Alto
Arpi Alto Channel
Cover: iACT Soccer ball in rest on a field in Goris, Armenia, 2021
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Changing Lens

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #687: An interview with Ani Shahinian, candidate in History and Theology at the University of Oxford. Hear her articulate the teachings (vadapetutyiun) of the Armenian Church as expressed through a group of doctors of the church. Switching political lens for religious, here is an understanding of identity through Scripture, Culture and Tradition. Shahinian brings energy and knowledge that will inspire the listener to learn more about the amazing Christian Faith of the Armenian Church.
Ani Shahinian
WD168 this week
Komitas: Ten Revelation Artsruni
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Between 23 and 25

Next Step #620: Health care workers on the front-line with COVID-19 patients, the new heroes of today, lack basic Medical Protective Personal Equipment (PPE). Interview with Lilya Baghmouri and Sousanna Pogosyan who are changing that and bringing aid to those heros. Also, identity definitions, 105 years removed from the Genocide. Challenges for a new and newer generation, here’s what you can expect in 2040.
Zulal “Yes boojour em”
Medical PPE for LA County Community Go Fund Me Page
April 24 Divine Liturgy
Leveraging Love
Message 99th Anniversary at Montebello
Greetings of Hope from Armenians to Darfuris
2006 In His Shoes Promo (God one of us)
2005 IHS 7×77 project
Martyrs as Saints (Dedication of Monument 2015)
WD168 for this Week
Ushadrutyan Kentron (Armenian)
Cover: When the fuchsias pop, Fr. Vazken 2011
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Tech, Spirit, Empowerment

Next Step #574: DishDivvy CEO & Co-Founder Ani Torosyan discusses technology and entrepreneurship as means of empowering the weak, offering opportunities for growth, self reliance… offering hope! This on the week of Pentecost – the feast of empowerment.  A very upfront-and-personal interview with a shaker and mover. Soufra – from the refugee camps in Lebanon, to a flight over Latin America, to a theater in Glendale – here’s a story that inspires and teaches about the realities of life and overcoming the odds. From their table to yours, it’s Plan A all the way!
Spirits in the Morning by Kantara 
DishDivvy Links
>> Dishdivvy website
>> APP (Apple iOS)
>> APP Google Play
>> Instagram
>> Facebook
>> YouTube
>> Californians learn more
Fr. Vazken’s Pentecost Sermon (Armenian & English)
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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Fr. Daniel Findikyan Interview

Next Step #521: The newly elected Primate of the Armenian Church, Eastern Diocese, Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan talks about the challenges before him. In this interview with Fr. Vazken, Fr. Daniel shares his thoughts and insights about the Armenian Church and specifically in the historic American diocese. “It is now time for the Church to be the Church… We have the opportunity and the obligation to be what the Church has uniquely been called to be… To fulfill that mission which has been given uniquely to the Church of the Armenians and to no one else. We need to focus our mission on that which is exclusive and is the exclusive God-given prerogative of the Body of Christ among the Armenian people.” Unique guidance as unique as a primate from the Lone-Star state.
Het u Araj by Komitas performed by Michael Ayrapetyan
Armenian Church, Eastern Diocese
Pastoral Message of the Newly Elected Primate of Eastern Diocese
Fr. Daniel Findikyan bio
Fr. Daniel via St. Nersess Seminary
Armodoxy Blog by Fr. Vazken
Next Step
Cover: Zeked Gospel Cover – Fr. Vazken 2014
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