Surgeon from Yerevan. Dr. Ani Babayan, IHS guest

Dr. Ani Babayan
Educating the next generation is a common thread running through all the programs and projects organized by the In His Shoes ministry. As part of our “Empowerment & Progress for Women” project, Dr. Ani Babayan, as an up-and-coming surgeon in Armenia, was the recipient of our 2021 scholarship for continuing education courses in Moscow. This year, we are pleased to support Dr. Babayan with her continuing education pursuits by attending the American Hernia Society’s (AHS) Annual Meeting and Surgical Skills Lab in Charlotte North Carolina. Dr. Babayan received an official invite to the AHS Conference by the chairperson, Dr. Yuri Novitsky, M.D. There she will meet and engage with surgical colleagues.

Yerevan State Medical University of Armenia has 16 general surgery faculty members, of which only one is female. Dr. Ani Babayan, as the only woman surgeon, has a pivotal role to play in both the education of young medical students and as an example of gender equality within and beyond the University walls. Dr. Babayan completed medical school in 2018 and has since spent her professional career honing and expanding her surgical skills while lecturing to medical students on topics such as hernias, gallbladder disease, general surgical techniques, and surgical colon diseases.

Following the conference, she will be in Los Angeles for surgical observations/education by leading hernia surgery experts. Watch for her interviews in the coming weeks.

Watch Dr. Babayan’s lecture at the AHS

On Sunday, September 11, she attended the Holy Divine Liturgy at the St. Leon Ghevondyants Armenian Cathedral and participated in the 95th anniversary celebration of the Western Diocese following services. Pictured with Fr. Vazken and Yn. Susan Movsesian on behalf of In His Shoes.


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