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Next Step #574: DishDivvy CEO & Co-Founder Ani Torosyan discusses technology and entrepreneurship as means of empowering the weak, offering opportunities for growth, self reliance… offering hope! This on the week of Pentecost – the feast of empowerment.  A very upfront-and-personal interview with a shaker and mover. Soufra – from the refugee camps in Lebanon, to a flight over Latin America, to a theater in Glendale – here’s a story that inspires and teaches about the realities of life and overcoming the odds. From their table to yours, it’s Plan A all the way!
Spirits in the Morning by Kantara 
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Fr. Vazken’s Pentecost Sermon (Armenian & English)
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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