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Next Step #628: Twelve years to the date of our first WEEKLY podcast: Recommitting to the ministry that brought us here. Cautions against the new fanaticism in the guise of religion – justifying hatred in the name of God. Warning: May induce vomiting. The usual scapegoats and how they’re being used this time to deflect personal responsibility. Coining the phrase “Happy Harry Syndrome” and simply expressed: iPhone+FB= The Electronic Fallacy. Reflections on celebrating anniversaries in the middle of world crisis and the pandemic. A tapestry that has been woven.
Vay Mayrik
Consecration of Dome Cross at Etchmiadzin
Flashback: Next Step #8a (China Olympics 2008)
Armodoxy YouTube Channel
Reflections, Etchmiadzin, The Archbishop’s Anniversary and a Carpet
Aunt Jemima brand is out 
Father’s Day Reflection (Joseph & Mary’s Son)
Thoughts on White Privilege
LGBTQ & DACA Supreme Court Decisions
Cover: Tempe Diner, 2012 Fr. Vazken
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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