Ripped Demonstrations

Next Step #627: Demonstrations and protest persist on the streets throughout the world: Connecting the dots with Ripsmeh and the protest/demonstration against the government then and now. In the Shoes of those who suffer and protest. Q&A: If a priest preaches a sermon and there’s no one to hear it? After COVID-19: Imposing the mask as they impose the veil? Ending the 12th year of the Next Step – and what now.
Kathy Taylor from George Floyd’s funeral
Sunday Morning – “Pre-Sermon”
George Floyd’s Funeral
Floyd’s Funeral about love over hate (CNN) 
Hripsime & Gayane (In Step with Christ)
Seven Invitations to Prayer
Boston Tea Party 
Cover: Sunset over SLO, 2002 Fr. Vazken
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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