Is Normal B.C. possible?

Next Step #626: Life had changed since the pandemic and continuing through the death of George Floyd. Is there a new normal? Any hope of returning to normal B.C.? Here is a straight-forward and simple way of finding purpose and meaning in this hurting world. A Christian response to today: Finding God so Ego can be forgotten. Why Christianity is a radical approach to life’s difficulties. Acknowledging God validates your humanity. Peel an onion and there’s nothing in the middle. Peel an artichoke to find the heart and flavor. From Christ to Floyd: Human torture and “humane” death. “As you have done to him you have done to me…” (It works both ways.) Jesus’ death cause: Asphyxiation and now the “least of his brothers” has died of the same causes.
Ara Dabanjian’s “Moonless Night
Element Band
Fr. Vazken’s: George Floyd and the Pentecost
Trump & the Bible photo-op
Bishop Brudd’s Op-Ed on Trump & the Bible
Archemedes’ Lever
Cover: Utah Spring, Fr. Vazken 2019
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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