The Right Fit – The Right Healing

Road to Healing – Lenten Journey 2014
Day 20: Fit

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She was very sincere in her asking. She didn’t want to argue with him, but she knew she was in the

right. After all, she was well learned, knowledgeable of the latest trends, well-read and connected to daily news. So she was rather taken aback when her doctor adamantly refused her request. After all she had heard that a glass of red wine and dark chocolate were good for the heart. She just wanted to hear it come from his mouth, if it did it would then qualify as a prescription for her. But her request was met with an emphatic “No!” by the one she called physician.

“But I heard it’s supposed to be good for the heart.”

“Maybe so,” replied the doctor, “But it’s not good for your heart.”

She wasn’t going to give up without a battle. “How about just a little; I heard it Dr. Oz talk about it on his show.” She was pulling out all the guns – shooting heavy now.

“There are a lot of things that can be good in different ways, but considering your history with heart disease and your physical condition now, you cannot eat chocolate and you cannot drink wine.”

Given our options and choices today and the volume and speed at which information flows, we all have a little knowledge about a large variety of subjects. The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” can be revised today, “Informed about all, expert of none.” Obviously, it’s not a bad place to be in life – to know a bit about everything. But, if we mistake information for knowledge, we increase our vulnerability and can end up believing in things that are insignificant, or even harmful to our general well-being.

Today we are at the mid-point of our journey. On this 20th day, we learn that one-size does not fit all. We are all alike in that we on a journey toward healing; we are all different by virtue of our uniqueness and individuality. In our individuality we come to realize that yes, we can be an expert in one area for sure – our self. There is no one who knows your self the way you do!

Today on this hump day, with half of the journey behind us and a half in front of us, let us understand our uniqueness and celebrate our individuality. The lessons thus far have been to limber us up so that we can be open and raw, so that we can be masters of our own lives. Our healing is dependent on many factors. Healing will be complete for each of us according to a prescription written uniquely to our weight, height, psychological and physical condition, emotional and spiritual state, unique to the color of our eyes, the swirls of our fingerprints, the pace of our walk. In other words, be thankful that one size does not fit all.

I look forward to continuing the second half of the journey with you tomorrow, on this Road to Healing.

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