Ascension: Full Authority and No Wounds

Today is the day of Ascension. It’s the celebration of healing. I never understood it the way

I do today.

The celebration of Ascension is 40 days after Easter. Whereas Easter celebrates victory, this feast celebrates the upward movement and healing momentum after the resurrection.
It’s interesting that the Christian story does not end with Resurrection.  
The Crucifixion is the ultimate story of betrayal, hurt, pain, suffering and loss. Following the Crucifixion, we find ourselves at the Empty Tomb – a place from which we can look at the Cross and call that day, “Good” Friday. In the context of Resurrection the Crucifixion is done. It’s over. The pain and suffering are finished, conquered and defeated. But the wounds are still there. And that’s why the Christian story does not end with Resurrection.
A week or two following the Resurrection, one of the Disciples of Christ, Thomas, asks to feel the wounds of Christ. The holes in his hands where the nails were driven in were still open, as was the gouge in his side.  Resurrection was a victory over death, but the wounds were still open and had not healed.
At the Ascension, Jesus proclaims “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” He ascends to Heaven in full authority. It is to the state of perfection that he ascends. The wounds have been healed!


This is the feast of Ascension – the celebration of healing. It is the celebration of leaving the wounds behind and finding the completeness of life.
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