Candle & Prison Fires

Next Step #558:
Dyarnuntarach – the Presentation of the Lord: Candles, Fires and all. Fr. Vazken dissects the story of the Presentation (Luke 2) and gives the lesson for purpose and meaning in life. Simeon the just and righteous man – and finding that righteousness in life. The beginning of the “Revolution.” Back from Prison – domestic violence victim who is being punished behind bars. Prayer with an active and action plan. A Prayer Quilt that places action with prayers – lessons from sisters and brothers. Secrets of the Neck.
Candle Dance by Richard Hagopian
Fr. Vazken’s Dyaruntarach Sermon 2019 at St. Leon Armenian Cathedral (Armenian)
Bishops Prayer for singles
Prayer Quilt in Memory of Diramayr
Presentation of the Lord (Scripture)
Statue of Liberty
Cover: Miniature of Dyarnuntarach by Gayane Maragarian
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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