Empire Ideas Stimulate Orthodox Thoughts

Next Step #61 – August 5, 2009

Returning from a teaching trip in New York, Fr. Vazken reflects on many thoughts inspired by the Empire State. A cab ride to California could have made us miss the eclipse! But a quick stop at the Eastern Diocesan headquarters in Manhattan, a refreshing oasis at the St. Vartan park. St. Nersess Seminary and the wants/needs of the youth should not be missed. A look at the newly published “Armenian Church Edition” of the Holy Bible – and the NRSV translation. Can we do better than the Bible stories such as Noah’s Ark? And should we defend them just because we always have? And what about Bill Clinton’s diplomacy in North Korea? Women in the church (deaconess)? Even an exorcism this week gives Fr. Vazken a chance to see Armodoxy as a means of connecting to the essence of God’s love. There’s a good flow of ideas in this episode that you will want to ride.

Musical Selection: Armen Chakmakian’s Ceremonies – Enchantress

Ani’s Bubbles: The boy and his nails

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