From Numbers to Light – it’s the connection that matters

Next Step #58 – July 15, 2009

Next Step begins with an interesting number theories from listener Yuri in St. Petersburg, Russia. Is it by chance that #57 had all the digits in the date stamp? If so, what about zero? Can you shed some light on that? Jesus did exactly that – with the Transfiguration. Light was not spared to tie us into the beginning of all creation and the end of time as we know it. God’s promise to open our hearts to love and the well-lit path is explored by Fr. Vazken’s expose of the feast of Transfiguration. But don’t fret the esoteric themes, there’s a serving of fish and chips in this episode. It happens to be everything you need and more. Listen in to a wild ride from numbers to light and realize that they are all connected.
Song: “Arev, Arev” by Mariam Matossian
“About Light” by Gor Mkhitarian (Spirit Album)
Bubbles by Ani: Feeding the wolves

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