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holy week graphicRaising Lazarus – Today we drew the curtain back, revealing the altar. For the last 40 days, the curtain was drawn, hiding the altar and the services that took place on the sacred table. As the curtain opens, we realize the altar has always been there. It was only hidden from our view, but always there.

We read the Raising of Lazarus narrative, from the Gospel of St. John (11). The people that were in attendance had come prepared. It was the culmination of the 40 day preparation we call Great Lent. 

My preparation came in part through this blog. During this Lent (2013) I was given an opportunity to revisit the “Lenten Journey” we produced back in 2010. This year we transcribed it and had a chance to review the journey. My thanks to my wife, Yn. Susan, my sister Anush for transcribing and typing the meditations, and to Suzie for producing the blog. Thank you to everyone who read, prayed and offered feedback. I trust it was a blessed journey for you, I know it was for me. 

This volume of work now resides on the net in written form as well as audio. Hopefully, soon I will be able to sift through it for a review and rewrite for publication.

Today begins Holy Week. When we first produced the Lenten Journey, we didn’t anticipate going into the 9 days of Holy Week, but the popularity of the podcast encouraged and pushed us to continue. That original Holy Week series is available at https://epostle.net or directly from the Holy Week Page.

Here’s wishing you a blessed week. I will try to augment the blog when I can. My prayer is that the peace and love of the Risen Lord be with you all.
~Fr. Vazken  


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