Hripsime & Gayane in Iran and Korea

Next Step #54 – June 17, 2009

If words turn into wars then simple acts of understanding and respect can turn into peace. With saber-rattling in Korea and political unrest in Iran, fear takes away thoughts of peace. But if peace is the ultimate equilibrium point, how is it achieved? In my life? On earth? In this podcast Fr. Vazken takes a look at two pioneering women of the early church, St. Hripsime and St. Gayane. Unwilling to compromise their principles, they made a difference in the life and quality of that life for generations to come. The H&G story is the prelude to “Etchmiadzin” – the place where Christ descends. In this podcast Fr. Vazken also challenges the listener to place respect as a condition and foundation to love through the “in his shoes” philosophy. News items: Iran, Korea, Holocaust Museum, KFI and Armenian bashing. It’s all here.
Bubbles from Ani: the Philosophy of Peanuts
Music: Katmandu by Cat Stevens

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