It is Super Sunday – Fr. Vazken’s “Key” Message

Parish Priest’s Message from the “Key”* Newsletter* –3 February 2013

Welcome to “Super Sunday.” It’s a nice designation—the Sunday of the Super Bowl Game! No worries, I’m not going to take sides today, although you’d think my years living in the Bay Area would make me partial to the 49ers. No worries today. But I am excited about this Sunday because it IS a Super one. Actually, all Sundays are Super in the Armenian Church: they point to the Resurrection! And frankly I can’t think of too many things more super than that.
But let me try… More super than Jesus’ Resurrection?  How about ours? That’s amazingly super, don’t you think? That we, mortals, not gods, can resurrect and live forever? All for the cost of Love. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Say it again, Love is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
~ ~ ~
Yesterday was Groundhog Day. We are at midwinter, exactly 6 weeks left to Spring. Punxsutawney Phil predictedan early Season. On the Church calendar we refer to this as Candlemas, 40 days after Christmas. Of course, since we celebrate Christmas on January 6, our Candlemas is on February 14. We call it Diaruntarach. The tradition comes from St. Luke’s (2:32) account of the Presentation of our Lord. In the story a man, full of faith named Simeon pronounces that “with my eyes I have seen the Savior…” Imagine that… seeing the Savior with your eyes! I say THAT is fairly “super.” Now imagine this: EVERY Sunday you’re given an opportunity to SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, SMELL and TASTE the Lord at the Holy Badarak! Now, I’d say, THAT is a SUPER SUNDAY! -Fr. Vazken

*The “Key” is the weekly newsletter of the St. Peter Armenian Church, Glendale, CA – Jesus asked the Disciples, “Who do YOU say that I am?”  Peter responded “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus promised the Keys to the Kingdom for this profession of faith. (Mt 16)  At the St. Peter, Glendale Parish, our faith and actions are based on that same profession of faith. It is the Key that opens the doors to our journey as Christians…
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