Isn’t the whole message of Christianity based on the premise that God became man, to understand and feel the pain of His creation? In other words, to walk in his shoes! Or even more plainly, He simplified His status! Right? From Cosmic Creator, He became Jesus.

So why do we complicate things with religion? Why don’t we just follow the model and keep it simple? Instead, I try to sit through sermons and Bible Studies that have no connection to reality. They tell me about myths, about ancient heroes, laws and rules, about forces that are vying for my attention and ultimately my soul. They then bring it down to a final play-off – a decision between Heaven and Hell.

What happened to the God that cared so much for His Creation that He gave His Only Son so that we may be saved? What happened to the Essential Message: Love God, Love One another?

It’s really simple: Love. That’s it. From there EVERYTHING else falls into place. From Love we get Peace, we find God, we respect one another, we understand why giving is more blessed than receiving, we have harmony of mind, body and soul, and therefore individual, community and world.

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