Lenten Journey 2020 Day 23 of 40


Tuesday, March 17 – Lenten Journey 2020 Day 23 of 40

During the week of the Steward (Luke 16:1-13) we inventory our talents to understand how we can better manage our lives. As a creation of God, we are unique – each of us – and therefore we are not equal. That’s the definition of being unique. The Apostle Paul reminds us, “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” (I Cor 12:7) Celebrating your uniqueness does not allow for jealousy for in fact there is no competition, rather we are all children of God using the special talent that defines us for the common good. Jealousy is to be rid from our system, for in fact, our uniqueness and the sharing of our talent makes us like no other before God.


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