Lenten Journey – Into the Divine Liturgy

Day #1 of a 40 day series of broadcasts by Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Jesus is the name of Love, says St. Nersess Shnorhali, and it is from this proclamation that we begin our Lenten Journey into the Divine Liturgy. Love is the one thing in life that crosses over ethnic, gender, socio-economic, geographic, and other differences  that divide the world and humanity. It is the most powerful and yet most delicate energy known to humankind. It is said that it can move mountains, yet untamed it can destroy the strongest heart.
We often speak of the mystical and spiritual dimensions of life, understanding that there is more to life than the temporal trappings – that which we sense, whether through feelings, taste, smell, vocal and audible utterings. This dimension of life, that which is beyond our physical understanding, we assign to God, to Energy, to the Universe or in one word, the Divine. However or in what manner we try to describe it, we come to a point where our limited faculties are unable to comprehend the vastness of the Divine.
Within Orthodoxy we appeal to sacraments, that is, the outward and comprehendible means by which the incomprehensible is delivered to us. Of the 7 known Sacraments, the Holy Eucharist, the Divine Liturgy, is the one which is most accessible to us all. Our first day of this Journey begins with an acceptance that the Divine Realm is accessible to us, that the Divine Liturgy has a design and purpose to bring us closer to the Energy which surrounds us and at the same time is within us.

Take some time on this first of 40 days, to accept the fullness and depth of the Divine. Accept that this journey is not one that is marked by steps, but one which is made up of connections, between your physical being and the spirit and emotions that define life. Put preconceptions to one side and open yourself to the wonder that is, the Divine Liturgy.

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