Natural & Artificial Lenten Intelligence

Next Step #612: A first look at some natural intelligence that comes from the time of birth and is lost by the time we start practicing Lent. Lesson for Lent from my 3 month-old grandson. Enter artificial intelligence and deal with the latest in ethics and responsibility. The quest begins for the algorithms to contaminate AI with ethics. Not for the faint at heart or for the easily dizzied. Building a church and not finding a loan? Here are some secrets from the inner ranks.
Gor Mkhitarian – Oonaynutiun from the Spirit Album
Pontifical Academy: Artificial Intelligence
Vestments in the Armenian Church
WD168 – February 26, 2020
Lenten Journey by Fr. Vazken
Lenten “Bland” Page
40 Vegan Recipes (another bland page)
Reclaim Etchmiadzin – March 13-15, 2020
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Cover: Bubble in Avalon, 2012 Fr. Vazken
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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