Thanksgiving Thoughts from Bob to Bob

Next Step #233 – November 22, 2012

On a day remembered for the Kennedy Assassination, JFK sets the tone with thoughts on Thanksgiving. But there are more thoughts – from Bob, a homeless man on the streets of LA. Fr. Vazken explores beyond the traditions and connects with the models of thanksgiving old and new. Pilgrims to Black Friday ego-feasts, laced with Saturation Point Theology – as expressed by Christ in the parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12). A plea from John Lennon to look for peace instead of the extra TV, coupled with a plea to make God real everyday – not in a Telethon Way. This is the Thanksgiving edition of the Next Step!
Lessons from Bob” by Anush Avejic
Song: Flora Martirosian – “Dzovastghik”
President Kennedy’s 1961 Thanksgiving Proclamation
Sun Sash:
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