Strip Away to Faith

Next Step #234 – November 29, 2012

Did you survive Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Now engage in the art of belly-dancing – it’s a strip -tease to uncover faith. The New Israel is not a place, so seek your mind on God’s Kingdom first. Issues of identity and belonging in a pluralistic society are discussed. How to read the Bible: avoid the literal and find God. MLK Retreat and a vending machine that dispenses caviar and snails – all in the mix in this Next Step.
Pomegranate Seeds by Anush: The Nest: Half Empty or Half Full?
Song: Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia – “The sea of life always tosses me about”
Harry Hagopian blogs:
Compass #33 – Belonging Dilemma and the Kingdom
Caviar vending machines in Burbank
Jethro Tull 40th Anniversary TAAB
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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