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Profane on the Sacred

Next Step #657: An assault on democracy and the attack on the US Capitol is examined by Fr. Vazken in a contrast between the sacred and the profane. Chipping away at the sacred. Punctuation: Women and men in written form. The nonsense of non-denominationalization: literal or symbolic, all is defendable. The flow and beauty of the prime numbers and prime factors. Once again: Dates and Calendars. The 2021 MLK Retreat: A virtual event.
Unfolding of Assault on Democracy
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) HH Karekin II
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) Abp. Hovnan
MLK Retreat 2021 
A Pattern Language
AC101 – Christmas Date
Feast of the Fools
Thou, Dear God by Martin Luther King Jr
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Paul Simon’s American Tune
Paul Simon’s American Tune today (LA Times 2019)
Cover: Jan 6, 2021, US Capital invaded, Washington DC
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A Tale of Two Letters

Next Step #502: Two letters, one welcoming and the other excluding – both from clergy 50 years apart: progress is not in the making. Battery Recharge: Martin Luther King Retreat in review and the Letter from Birmingham Jail. Is it just a matter of “doing it”? Adapting Nike’s “Just Do It” to the faith community. Deaconness in the Armenian Church and the uproar by a pharisaic community within orthodoxy.
Leader of the Band” Dan Fogulberg
Letter from Birmingham jail
Pope marries couple in mid-flight
Jesus on Hypocrisy
Anush’s “Coffeescapes
Deaconness in the Armenian Church (Abp. Sebouh of Tehran) by Dr. H. Tchilingirian
Jimmy Kimmel “Lie Witness News” MLK Edition
MLK Retreat 2018
“I am Takapa” on Dallas
Louis XIV “I am the state”
Vancouver Radio for 1/16/2018
Photo: Zaca Lake from the gazebo – 2018 Fr.Vazken
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On a Stone or a Gospel: Celebrating Sacrifice

Blubrry player!Next Step #242 – January 24, 2013

Been to the Mountain-top and back: the In His Shoes Mission celebrated the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr at its 10th annual retreat. This transforming event is viewed from a few different vantage points as Fr Vazken reflects on the program. Guest: Linda Zadoian from Compass. Unraveling the mysteries of a Black Baptist Preacher’s message for the Armenian Orthodox Christian and the Armenian Orthodox Church. Can a First Class Church have 2nd Class Citizens?  How we travel from the First Christian Nation to the Genocide and now to the MLK Retreat.
Breaking News: Archbishop Nourhan Manoogian Elected 97th Patriarch of Jerusalem
Anush’s Pomegranate Seeds: Patience, Perseverance and Faith
Song: Saren Kouga – Arax on the Crossings Album
Inauguration of President Barack Obama
Sun Sash – http://sunsash.blogspot.com/2013/01/sun-sash-danger.html
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Sledders on Calgary Hill – Big Bear, CA


Strip Away to Faith

Next Step #234 – November 29, 2012

Did you survive Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Now engage in the art of belly-dancing – it’s a strip -tease to uncover faith. The New Israel is not a place, so seek your mind on God’s Kingdom first. Issues of identity and belonging in a pluralistic society are discussed. How to read the Bible: avoid the literal and find God. MLK Retreat and a vending machine that dispenses caviar and snails – all in the mix in this Next Step.
Pomegranate Seeds by Anush: The Nest: Half Empty or Half Full?
Song: Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia – “The sea of life always tosses me about”
Harry Hagopian blogs:
GAZA: http://www.catholicnews.org.uk/israel-hamas-gaza-ceasefire
MENA: http://www.catholicnews.org.uk/mena28
Compass #33 – Belonging Dilemma and the Kingdom
Caviar vending machines in Burbank
Jethro Tull 40th Anniversary TAAB
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