Profane on the Sacred

Next Step #657: An assault on democracy and the attack on the US Capitol is examined by Fr. Vazken in a contrast between the sacred and the profane. Chipping away at the sacred. Punctuation: Women and men in written form. The nonsense of non-denominationalization: literal or symbolic, all is defendable. The flow and beauty of the prime numbers and prime factors. Once again: Dates and Calendars. The 2021 MLK Retreat: A virtual event.
Unfolding of Assault on Democracy
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) HH Karekin II
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) Abp. Hovnan
MLK Retreat 2021 
A Pattern Language
AC101 – Christmas Date
Feast of the Fools
Thou, Dear God by Martin Luther King Jr
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Paul Simon’s American Tune
Paul Simon’s American Tune today (LA Times 2019)
Cover: Jan 6, 2021, US Capital invaded, Washington DC
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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