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Theophany Sermon 2023

Theophany 2023 – Sermon by Fr. Vazken Movsesian
at the St. Gregory Armenian Church, Pasadena, California
6 January 2023
Sermon delivered in Armenian and English
Fast forward to minute 12:45 for English Sermon
Excerpt from Divine Liturgy in its entirety

Letters beyond Z

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #709: “In the time of your life, live…” says Saroyan and so the new year kicks off with a message of hope. The Christ child and a case for adding extra letters to the alphabet. Gabriel & Katie Jay Stauring, requiem. Moving past your challenges before you. Remembering Sidney Poitier. Communications for the new planet. William Saroyan’s Time of your life.
Sidney Poitier changed the Oscars in 1964. The academy is still grappling with the promise of that moment. 
Requiem for Gabriel & Katie Jay Stauring
The Phonetic Alphabet – US Army Alphabet
William Saroyan’s “Time of your Life” (goodreads.com)
Mary Hopkin Music
Cover: Vintage Christmas picture, Public Domain
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Profane on the Sacred

Next Step #657: An assault on democracy and the attack on the US Capitol is examined by Fr. Vazken in a contrast between the sacred and the profane. Chipping away at the sacred. Punctuation: Women and men in written form. The nonsense of non-denominationalization: literal or symbolic, all is defendable. The flow and beauty of the prime numbers and prime factors. Once again: Dates and Calendars. The 2021 MLK Retreat: A virtual event.
Unfolding of Assault on Democracy
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) HH Karekin II
“Merelots” (Memorial Day) Abp. Hovnan
MLK Retreat 2021 
A Pattern Language
AC101 – Christmas Date
Feast of the Fools
Thou, Dear God by Martin Luther King Jr
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Paul Simon’s American Tune
Paul Simon’s American Tune today (LA Times 2019)
Cover: Jan 6, 2021, US Capital invaded, Washington DC
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Playing Catch-up

Next Step #553: Launching into the New Year with prayer: Fasten your seat belts. Protestant & Catholics: Relieving threats to Orthodoxicity. Jesus’ metaphors today: figs and elevators. White Christmas in Utah. Mark 11: Prescription for living. Keyboard Prayer from the 1980’s. Grieving: Setting aside time for reflection. Controlling the Dash. New Year prayer/wish.
Khatchadour Khatchadourian: Oror ou Nani or Kickstarter page
Christmas Outreach Report
Thomas Aquinas Podcast
Mark 11
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Sun makes way for the Son


Next Step #27 – December 17, 2008

Celebrating Christmas before or after the New Year. Does it matter? To some yes, but from the Armenian Orthodox perspective, it’s one of many trappings that skew us from the Truth. What about the Bible? Did it come from God? Dare we say that there are means to God beyond the Bible? And if so, what does that say about the truth of the Bible? Find out in this podcast which explains a bit more than the date of Christmas. Travel back in time to the first thoughts of religion and find out how fact and truth can end up on two different sides of the coin. And all this occurs as our planet takes a spin around the outer rim of its orbit around the Sun. Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas to all!

Featured Songs: Carols by Joan Baez, Victory by Gor Mkhitarian

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