Odds Against Authority

Next Step #442: Thanksgiving edition – looks at false-news and using the tester of Armodoxy to sift through it all: News and Religious Authority today. Passing the Bar: more than a license to practice law, but a pointer of the power of good over evil…. Vegas odd-makers could not cover this one! Against evil in the form of protesting hate-speech… another opportunity to walk in his shoes. Pope Francis at the UN and the closeness to Armodoxy. Archbishop Barkev Mardirosyan at St. Leon – blessings from Artsakh.
Isabel Bayrakdarian: Mother of Light
Pope on Abortion Absolution
Pope at UN
Protest against hate
Thanksgiving Armodoxy – Next Step #181
Fake News on Facebook
Armenia Fund
Photo: Calvert Sampo TV, Fr. Vazken
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for InHisShoes.org
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