Open Letter to Famine Participants

Dear Famine Participant,

What a great weekend! On behalf of our In His Shoes Ministry, I’d like to offer my congratulations to you!

You made it! And even MORE IMPORTANT a child survivor from the Darfuri Genocide MADE IT thanks to the sacrifice you made this weekend! And hopefully, a few of these children will grow up to tell their stories and bring an end to this vicious cycle of violence – known too well to us Armenians.


We had a great group. I really appreciated the dynamics and the candid discussions throughout the 30 hours. From our first Skype session with our brothers and sisters in Armenia to the receiving of Holy Communion, we had much to share and process together and as individuals. As you know, that scene Sunday morning was an emotional one for me. As I looked out at you and the congregation I was seeing the miracle unfolding. Just 94 years ago they said there would be one Armenian left – and that one in a museum. We’ve come a long way… Today, we are not only LIVING but we are CREATING – and creating with Love.

Together from sponsorships, you brought in almost $7,000. On top of that, we raised $3,000 from our “Taste the Nations” event and an additional $4,000 from plate collections and donations from our ministry. I’m pleased to inform you that our friend from Phoenix, Richard Melikian has once again offered to double the amount, bringing our total to $28,000!!!* According to World Vision $360 will feed and care for a child for a year. Well –$28,000/360 = 78 children will be fed and cared for this next year thanks to you. (And for some of you hardcore enthusiasts of my Armodoxy number theory, do the actual math, there’s a nice surprise there.)


The miracles were many this weekend – congratulations for being a part of it. During the Badarak I thanked God for each of you- by name – as doers of miracles. May God increase your strength and drive to do more.


I take this opportunity to thank Petros Malekian for sharing his time and lessons with us, as well to Ark for the after-meal. To Suzie for all the pre-famine/during-the-event/post-famine work she did with a smile! To Chris Armen/Gregory Beylerian/Fr. Avedis for their drive-by encounters that stimulated us. To Mark & Sue Boranian for opening up their home for our fundraising. To Yn. Susan and Anush for all background grueling work that keeps the dream going. Mostly – I thank you – not for the donations, but for believing in yourselves and the dream that Armenians are here in this world with a special mission to spread the Love of Christ to all. Your smiles made all the difference this weekend.

I’m very pleased that you want to keep the ball rolling and stay in touch. Please stay in touch with the ministry via the website and all the usual hang-spots. BTW: We’ll be dedicating this week’s Next Step to the accomplishments of the Famine. And I look forward to future meetings with all of you.

God bless and stay in His love,


Fr. Vazken Movsesian

In His Shoes

Armenian Church Youth Ministries

632 W. Stocker St., Glendale, CA 91202

*Amount is an estimates and will be finalized in the next two weeks to account for additional funds still being recieved. Money will be distributed via World Vision. In His Shoes is please and proud to have partnered with World Vision for the last 9 years to provide food, supplies and care to the children of the world. Photos are from World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine site.

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