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In Transition

Next Step #746: The last steps to a destination are the smallest as is this podcast – the shortest, as we get ready to transition to the new Epostle.net.
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Cover: Envato Elements
CSNY: Deja Vu
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Thanksgiving: Both Sides of the Coin

Next Step #599: Thanksgiving edition celebrating emotions and life. No atheists in foxholes or birthing rooms: Miracles in all the right places. Fr. Vazken gets personal as he welcomes the newest member of his family and celebrates the broader picture of life. Jesus’ people: Get ready to get carded. Finally a tear: Discovering the Mother Mary in Let it Be. Thankfulness when flying with angels: No mixed emotions here, only a nice variety. Another meditation for the Advent season.
Komitas 12 pieces for children
Paul McCartney of Mother Mary in Let it Be
Atheists in Foxholes
In His Shoes Toy Drive
Center of Attention: Fr. Vazken & Suzie Interview (Armenian)
Cover: Pomegranates by Sona Smith 2019
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Advent Preparedness

Next Step #548: Preparedness for the Advent Season. Finding the Christ-wants in Scriptures (Luke 14) and the “vehance” factor. Expressing good on the unpleasant: Words that put Hallmark to shame. Celebrations and Funerals: More reflections in post-funeral days. Anecdote on Bishop Asoghig Ghazarian of Iraq.
Good King Wenceslas by Loreena McKennitt
Eulogy for Mamajan
Anne Movsesian Memorial Video
Next Step #547 “Stingless
Luke 14
Remarks at George H.W. Bush Funeral
California Driving #50
Cover: Bird of Paradise Flowering, Fr. Vazken 2018
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When Religion Hits the Off Button

Next Step #310 – May 14, 2014

Stopping attempted purpose-assassination, Fr. Vazken answers questions about the Holy Badarak and its celebration. Lower the standards or rise to a higher level – that’s his challenge. Why does organized religion opt for the OFF button? What religion can learn from Google business and how Armodoxy offers an ON answer. The movement of time: 1/9 > 1/19 as Varoujan graduates ASU. Moving closer to the launch of the next step.
Song: Shushan Petrosyan “Kez Hamar”
Botanical Evolution
Arizona State University – The Design School
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