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Head Coverings that Fly with the Wind

Next Step #450: Inauguration Eve – a transition and President Obama’s Appreciation. The dilemma of Talibanesque policing in the Armenian Church: from head-coverings, toilet tissue and reaching out to the least of our brothers.  Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend roundup of thoughts and adventures.
“Aysor Tzaynun Hayragan” Vem Radio
President Obama’s Thank You Letter
Reclaim Conference: www.Embracing-faith.com
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Dreaming Peace w/out Violence

Next Step #116 – August 26, 2010

Almost a half-century past Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, President Obama justifies war as a means to peace? So what’s left to dream? Armenian Orthodoxy and the dream to secure peace is explored in this podcast in a very personal manner by Fr. Vazken. More on the Mosque at Ground Zero – insights on constitutionality. Statement from the National Council of Churches: http://www.ncccusa.org/news/MK.cordovamosque.html
Song: Paul Simon’s “American Tune” w/Bach and Beethoven too.
Ani’s Bubbles: An Angel to smiling on you – http://scrubsmag.com/author/AniBurr/
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The Three “O”s


Next Step #34 – February 4, 2009

From Pythagoras to Narekatzi, from physics to religion – this podcast brings spiritual applications to physical laws… well, sort of. Fr. Vazken explores the “Three “O”-s that everyone should know – Oshagan, Ostrich and Obama – it’s a small portion of the USC lecture (2/2/09) that challenged students to find answers in ancient Armenian orthodoxy to some of the big issues confronting the world. Also – letters discussing extinction of the church, Catholic looking at Orthodox, and the parent/child songs.

Global Perspective by Hratch Tchilingirian: More on Greed (pt. 2) as reason for economic collapse. It’s a spiritual perspective too.

Bubbles by Ani Burr: A lamentation of the St. Gregory of Narek.

Musical Selection: “Blessing” from Gor Mkhitarian’s SPIRIT Album – Available for online purchase from the In His Shoes Shop

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Obama’s Deeds, McCain’s Words, Christ’s Teachings


Next Step #11 – August 27, 2008

Politics, Religion, Faith and State – is it all a mix or what? Just over a week ago the two presidential candidates, Obama and McCain, entered into a conversation on faith and politics with Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. In particular, Warren asks each of the men about their faith and what it means to them. McCain says it means that he is “saved and forgiven”. Obama’s response also includes an “obligation to embrace not just words but deeds.” Fr. Vazken makes this question the focus of this episode. Get ready for the Orthodox worldview on faith, salvation, and forgiveness!
The songs in this episode include Spirit in the Dark performed by the Blind Boys of Alabama, and a rendition of Mogats Shogen by the Armenian a cappella group Zulal.

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