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Testing 1-2-3-4

Next Step #685: Testing God: from a dialogue with the Pharisees to walking maskless, we try our best to stump Him. Matrimonial scriptures: another look at Matthew 19. Words matter: when the wrong words are used to baptize this priest, it affects every other sacrament administered to him and to those to whom he ministers.
Pope Francis restrictions on Latin Mass. Wine and forgiveness.
Invalid words for baptism invalidates priest
Our Weekly Bread – interview with Fr. Vazken
Highland Revolution – Gregjam
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Afterlife Connections

Next Step #683: Extreme Unction, a sacrament of the Armenian Church, is perhaps one of the seven that is most misunderstood. And why have some reduced the list to six? Fr. Vazken starts the discussion on the secular plane, with current political trends and the place of faith in evaluating your belief system, and takes the conversation to end-of-life reflections. Don’t check-in your brain at the door for this one; uncomfortable for some, it’s an important discussion in Armodoxy.
Prayer for “good death”
Houdini exposing fraud – contacting the dead
Transfiguration Sermon (2020)
Transfiguration blog post
Djivan Gasparian passes away
Mama – Djivan Gasparian
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Back Door to Genocide

Next Step #644: “In the Shadows” is arriving at a higher consciousness about responsibility in the face of evil. Overcoming the evil and with the The Blood of the Sacrament and the martyrs: A short meditation in front of the altar. Insult by Kurt Vonnegut: “They’re Turks” and seven-fold-turks. The road from light to darkness, the evil that takes place in the darkness and returning to the light: thoughts on how we got here and where we go. Identifying the point-of-no-return.
Raffi “One Light, One Sun”
Adana “Zartir Lao”
Ghazanchechots (Shushi) Church bombed
Ghazanchechots shelled
Harry Hagopian on Hagia Sophia
War in Artsakh Sermon by Fr. Vazken
101 Hollywood Freeway Protest
Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut
Deacon Hrayr at the Front Line in Artsakh
Blessed are you… are the light
WD168 for this week
Cover: Destruction at Ghazanchechots, 10/8/2020 newswire photo
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Lessons from Bob

Next Step #376: August 20, 2015 – Khirimian Hayrig’s advice to his grandson are the backdrop of this edition of the Next Step: Wedding wishes with red, white and green flavors as a explanation of the Sacrament with personal reflections. Also a “Native” American map allows for some deep breathing.
Song: “John Barleycorn” by Bambir 
Native American Map Story
Baptism of the Hidden Armenians
Healing Series
Extra: “Wondr’ing Aloud” by Jethro Tull 
Photo: “Arizona Art” by Fr. Vazken
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Sacramental Mothering: A New Understanding of the Oldest Parent

Next Step #49 – May 13, 2009

Forget the clichés. Forget motherhood and apple pie? In this post-Mothers’ Day tribute, Fr. Vazken doesn’t fill the Hallmark prescription for the day, instead he reveals a new understanding of the sacraments. Is it a roadmap for parenting? Definitely, it is a means of living in the orthodox tradition. “Sacramental Mothering” is yet another key to Armenian orthodoxy as it continues to pave the road for spiritual wholeness. This episode is must-listen in the continuing evolution of the oldest faith tradition.
Remembrance of Vahagn Setian
Featured song: “Panama Freighter” by Ian Anderson in honor of Jethro Tull’s performance in Armenia.
Ani’s Bubbles: Three Guests for Dinner

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